Synthetic Golf Putting Greens Turf

Golf synthetic grassLet us work with you hand in hand to design and develop your golf course. We provide residential and commercial artificial golf turf applications that look and play like the real thing but that also deliver outstanding performance and durability. Please read below to see our various artificial golf turf applications. We manufacture, supply and install products for areas orf a golf course. Feel free to contact our staff at Blue Sky International to learn more about our products and pricing available.

TourGrass – Blue Sky International’s line of various GolfScape PRODUCTS. We manufacture, supply and install professional specialized components for T-BOXES, FAIRWAY TURF, FIRST CUT, SECOND CUT, DEEP ROUGH and HAZARDS. Our TourGrass GolfScape products are THE BEST GREEN SURFACES IN THE WORLD.

Synthetic Golf TurfThe power of customization – We have been manufacturing, supplying and installing GolfScape artificial golf turf components for many years. Our clients are looking for more than just aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance golf course products. They want to challenge their players and be able to play during any kind of weather using a natural playing turf. Developing and designing a challenging course requires full control on the manufacturing side as well as the installation side. As the manufacturer of TouGrass we can deliver a product that meets virtually any specification. We can actually contour the greens and control ball speeds to satisfy the requirements of even the pros. Our staff at Blue Sky International will show you the options available to you and walk you through the process of developing and designing your dream golf course or putting green.

TargetTurf is our elite GolfScape solution for T-Boxes areas. When we produce a T-Boxes turf we want it to attract great players so we build it strong enough to survive an iron or driver. TargetTurf artificial golf turf fibers are engineered to last through the years and still maintain their structural integrity; not to mention preserving a beautiful surface to still attract the pros. Our T-Boxes turf is a special blend of high strength dual fibers that gives the players a THICK AND PLUSH surface. TargetTurf is thick and strong enough to hold a tee straight. It also drains quickly and efficiently to keep tee areas dry and clean. With TargetTurf your T-Boxes will never become muddy or flooded even in inclement weather conditions. Great for the T-Boxes of your Golfcourse or the driving range, this specialized GolfScape product is a proud part of our TourGrass GolfScape line. Our TargetTurf T-Boxes products are a great solution for a new T-Boxes or to replace an existing one.