Artificial Lawns – Landscape Surfaces

Artificial LawnWe manufacture and install landscaping products that can be customized to compliment your commercial or residential property. We provide many products for various landscaping applications. Whether it’s a main entrance to your business or the front lawn of your home, pool side or roof top, we have the artificial grass for you.

You have probably noticed over the years that your natural grass lawn has become a major investment of your time and money. Lawn maintenance is expensive and requires regular upkeep; not to mention the potential fines if you live in a region with restrictions on water usage! Aside from having to regularly cut, feed, weed, water, and even reseed natural grass, you also have to maintain the tools you use. Lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and chemicals; it becomes as expensive to maintain the tools as it is taxing to do the work! And if you hire a landscaping company, you are in an entirely new tier of costly lawn maintenance.

No MaintenanceMany of our clients are not solely interested in replacing their lawn because of the upkeep. In many cases, artificial grass is used in places that are not favorable to the survival of plant life. In many major cities rooftop decks and solariums take the place of front and backyards. It is difficult, and in some regions impossible, to maintain lush natural grass on the tops of sun-drenched, concrete roof tops. Our SkyGrass meets the challenge with fully customizable blends of life-like artificial grass that can withstand the intense heat of a high-rise roof.