Synthetic Grass by Blue Sky Turf

Synthetic GrassIn today's environment, and concerns over green initiatives, there's not a better time to consider synthetic grass as an alternative to many of your lawn and landscape, sport, and playground surfacing applications.

The exciting future of grass has officially arrived! Fake Grass is now one of the fastest growing segments in specialty surfaces worldwide.

Today synthetic turf is emerging as an exciting alternative to natural grass with appealing green colors and variations to simulate natural grass in pristine condition at all times.

Our turf comes in a variety of green colors, blade shapes and options and textures that allow for, as close to, grass varieties of real grass as possible.

The strength of our synthetic turf has increased immensely with the recent introduction of thicker softer fibers and texturized fiber products. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between synthetic and real grass with our new line of products.

Blue Sky Turf has been an innovator in grass for over 43 years and created much of the products so popular today in the open market. As early as 1990, Blue Sky Turf created grass products for lawns and for uses that weren't even being considered.

Blue Sky Turf is made of multiple layers and zones of construction, much like carpet, and is able to copy almost anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Exciting features and applications are growing daily with artificial turf options such as playground grass, play-area turf applications, synthetic lawns, and synthetic sports fields.

Other grass applications are becoming realistic options such as physical therapy and sports training centers, where our products can emulate an athlete's foot and reaction as in interfaces with the turf surfaces, while providing a low-impact training surface.

Play-areas are going to be the next push and have proven to be the next great application.

Our synthetic surfaces are perfect for playgrounds and have a lower cost of ownership. With synthetic playgrounds as a high use area, many safety grass products fail. However, our products are on the cutting edge of safety surfacing that endures the constant abuse modern playgrounds receive today with repetitive paths.

As new grass fibers prove to be stronger and UV stable, we now look at having a system that will last the test of time for a new generation of products. Blue Sky Turf will be at the forefront of industry.

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