Synthetic Grass Testing

Truth In Testing

BlueSky Turf relies on 3rd party testing by independent ASTM certified laboratories specializing in synthetic grass products to deliver truth in testing about our products.

3rd party testing insures that you are getting unbridled results against catastrophic failures and going above and beyond standards set forth by the Synthetic Turf Council and other sport governing bodies such as FIFA, FIH, IRB and many others. These world renown-governing bodies rely on synthetic turf as their surface for sport, and must meet stringent standards…quite simply, not any synthetic turf product can pass these tests. We encourage our clients, or potential clients to investigate other brands of turf and compare the differences. We will meet or exceed the specifications of any turf product, test validated, available on the market today.


In addition to durability and longevity testing, we include within our testing portfolio a sweeping range of environmental tests that insure our products, again, exceed national standards for any environmental and health concerns. The planet belongs to our children & our children’s children, so being a good steward of our resources has been a longstanding pledge of BlueSky.


For over 45-years we’ve completed projects for thousands of clients and have met the challenges of each and every project head on. For no other reason, when choosing a company to provide you with A1 quality and proven track record, you need not look any farther than BlueSky Turf. We ask our potential clients answer a simple question regarding the competition: How long have the other companies been in business…5-years, maybe 10-year?

45-years of experience backed by projects, products, and quality.


Synthetic Turf Test

Shoe Traction Test Relative Abrasivness Test
Competitor UltraFiber G4
Elongation to Break ASTM D2256 40% 69%
Transverse Directional Tensile Strength 100 300+
Individual Fiber Design Individual Turf Fiber Design
100 Micron 12-mm Fiber
100 Micron 12-mm Turf Fiber
100 Micron 9.7mm Fiber
Fibrillation Matrix Fibrillation Matrix Turf
12-mm breaks down to a multitude of individual fibrils ranging in size from 0.1-mm to 1-mm w/usage & maintenance
Fibrillation Matrix Turf
9.7mm fiber breaks down to 5-7 individual fibrils approx. 1.5mm each
Fibrillation Characteristics irregular widths and lengths uniform widths and lengths


Accidents do happen. We test our products to ensure it does not become hazardous because of heat or open flame.
Synthetic Turf Flammability Test
Pill Flammability Test


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Tuft Bind Test
Tuft Bind Test 

Yarn Test
Yarn Breaking Strength Test

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