Why choose Synthetic Turf?

Well aside from the obvious reasons, synthetic grass has evolved over the last 10-years and is not the Astro turf product we all use to remember watching football in the 70s & 80s. Today artificial grass has morphed into a very realistic product that BlueSky helped revolutionize many decades ago.

Brief History of Synthetic Turf…

Artificial turf was first introduced as a project to help inner-city children that had no open space to play & get exercise.  It was also a hatched plan to help inner-city fledgling adults to pass Selective Service physical entrance exams… Uncle Sam Wants You!

Where turf really made a push, was when the Houston Astro Dome was built and was designed as a fully enclosed stadium.
We got a problem Houston!

Q. How do you get grass to grow without any sunlight?
A. Install this “new” fake grass originally called Chem Grass, and then change the name of the grass to match the baseball team: Houston Astros, hence Astro Turf was born.

The name AstroTurf was branded well after the fact and has been an industry brand since.

Where does BlueSky Turf come into play you ask?
Hank Julicher, owner of BlueSky, had a patented synthetic turf product on the market already and was infringed upon by AstroTurf. Both parties went to court, and Julicher won.

How BlueSky was an industry innovator

What really pushed the industry further into the future and leave the old AstroTurf behind was the advent of longer pile height products that required infill.

Because the original Astroturf was so abrasive and had little protection upon impact, athletes from around the globe soon frowned it upon as their AstroTurf related injuries mounted.

BlueSky principal, Hank Julicher, pushed the advent of longer, more realistic grass fiber/blades and eventually implemented a patented artificial turf that utilized 100% granulated rubber within the grass fiber, which reduced player injury and lowered G-max ratings over the life of newer generation synthetic fields.

So why choose synthetic grass and more importantly, BlueSky Turf?

Bottom line is that artificial fields are a far more consistent surfaces and much safer. In addition, we are utilizing polymers that inhibit harmful UV rays, increase the life of the field and we now expect our newer generation field products to last well into 15-years of heavy abuse. Furthermore, no single owned company in the world has been installing artificial surfaces longer than Hank Julicher and BlueSky Turf… over 45-years.

Lastly, there are the obvious reasons that everyone talks about, such as water savings, no-mowing, no fertilizers leaching into the water table, and time saved.

Call BlueSky Turf today on your next project and see why 45-years of industry leading innovation & know how can work for you.

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